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Multimedia workshops often include Adobe’s Flash as one of many technologies that digital journalists must learn. Call me an old dog, but that’s one new trick I don’t think I’ll become proficient at anytime soon.

I do speak from experience. I’ve taken a couple of Flash courses through BAVC and have overseen (read: directed others to do the work on) a number of Flash interactives, including these on the Great Quake by my talented friend and former colleague Gus D’Angelo.

But I’ve seen what these guys do, and it takes a lot of practice and consistent effort to get good. Sort of like learning a foreign language — if you don’t find a way to at least dabble in it throughout the week, you’ll likely forget most of what you’ve learned.

But not all interactives have to be done in Flash. You can use Google Maps to do one, like this simple interactive I made. Simile’s Exhibit API also allows you to do the trick. But one of the simplest ways is to use YouTube’s annotations feature. Granted, it’s not that elegant or flexible (you’re limited to YouTube content), but for those wanting a quick way to produce something that’s video-centric, it’s a pretty cool solution.

Here’s one I threw together in about an hour.

A simple example, but think about its potential, such as using it as an interactive table of contents that fast-forwards to a single, long interview with some VIP. Perhaps there’s a gaming element to this. No, it’s not as flashy as Flash, but this is something even an old dog like me can easily do.


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